White bean salad


300g white beans, 
1 medium red onion, 
1-2 tomatoes, 
half a bunch of basil,
 capers (depending on taste), 
1 teaspoon of vinegar, 
salt and fresh pepper, 
2-3 tablespoons of best olive oil


White bean salad - lettuce of white beans ... popular in the whole of Italy, as it is very quick to prepare and although it is a salad, it can be quite filling.

If you take dry, white beans, you have to take them naturally overnight. If it is really fast, go get a can from the supermarket.

 Open your can and sieve the contents completely over the sink and rinses the whole can liquid away.
Peel your onion and cut it into fine strips. Dice tomatoes and cut the basil in strips.

 Beans with onions, tomatoes, basil and if you like, mix capers.

 Combine the dressing from the olive oil and vinegar with salt and fresh pepper and add it over your salad.
Mix everything again and taste directly. Add some more salt or pepper to taste.

 Either you serve the salad or put it briefly in the refrigerator. 
We wish you good